Guy J. G. Paxman

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Guy is a glacial geophysicist and geomorphologist interested in subglacial landscapes and Earth structure in polar regions, particularly in Greenland and Antarctica. More specifically, his research focuses on the interactions between solid Earth processes, topography, and the behavior of past, present and future ice sheets. His approach involves combined analysis of (a) field observations including airborne geophysics (radar echo sounding and potential fields), bedrock geology, offshore sediment records, and satellite remote sensing, (b) large scale geophysical properties such as geothermal heat flux and crust and lithosphere thickness, and (c) numerical modelling techniques.

Guy’s research interests include:

  • Reconstructing changes in topography in glacial environments over multi-million year time scales and its implications for ice sheet behavior and stability.
  • Constraining past ice sheet extent and behavior from geomorphological analysis of subglacial landscapes.
  • Understanding linkages and feedbacks between solid Earth structure, basal topography, and glacial dynamics.
  • Isostatic adjustment of the solid Earth on a range of timescales (i.e. elastic and viscous responses to (un)loading) and its influence on ice sheet behavior and sea level change.

Guy joined the Polar Geophysics Group at LDEO in December 2019 as a postdoctoral research scientist affiliated with the “Predicting Coastal Responses to a Changing Greenland Ice Sheet” project (funded by the National Science Foundation under the ‘Navigating the New Arctic’ Big Idea). His current research involves analyzing Greenland’s subglacial topography to understand past ice sheet behavior, and developing models of glacial isostatic adjustment to help predict patterns of future sea level change around the Greenland margin.