LDEO Airborne Gravimeters

The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Airborne Gravimeters

The Lamont airborne gravimeters have been deployed to both the Arctic and Antarctic with multiple projects (e.g. ROSETTA-Ice, NASA OIB, and ITGC).

The Lamont gravimeters include two complementary systems, deployable separately or together, as dictated by space and power constraints. The first is a two-axis stabilized, thermally-controlled, force feedback gravimeter by Dynamic Gravity Systems (DgS), a next-generation version of the Lacoste & Romberg airborne meter. The second is a strap-down gravimeter by iMAR, capable of recovering free-air gravity anomalies during draped and turbulent flight conditions.

The two gravimeters can be used in tandem combining the draping capability of iMAR with the thermal-stability of the DgS meter.

LDEO Gravimeter acquisition, development, and deployment has been funded through a combination of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Tinker Foundation, and the National Science Foundation.