Lab Group

Lab Group -- Quick Access:


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LDEO Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for all visitors and members of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory community.

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PGG/LGG Code of Conduct

We aim to maintain a healthy, respectful, and comfortable lab group for everyone who passes through.

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Proposal Risk Assessment

When writing proposals, it is essential to consider all implications of the proposed research. 

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Reporting Process

Resources to report complaints for Columbia and LDEO community members.

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PGG Slack Channel

Join the Polar Geophysics Group Slack Channel

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LDEO Glaciology GitHub

Access Lamont Glaciology git repositories.

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Join CryoList - an email distribution list for those interested in snow, ice, and all things frozen.

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Library Access

Major publication access via Columbia University Library system. Off campus access can be obtained through the Columbia VPN or this link.

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Columbia ID Card

Get your Columbia University ID card.

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Housing Options

Local housing in NYC and Piermont
[Required: UNI Login]

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Visa & Immigration

Resources for international students and researchers

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Publication Procedures

Let LDEO know about your upcoming publications and articles.

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Data Processing Information

Helpful conversions, tips, and tricks when processing polar data

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Travel & Expense Reimbursement

Information regarding reimbursement via CONCUR

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Outreach Programs

Available outreach programs at Lamont and PGG/LGG

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Earth Science Jobs

Join the Earth Sciences Job Announcement Email List, sponsored by the Earth Science Women's Network (ESWN).


Fieldwork -- Quick Access:

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Fieldwork Safety Plan (Airborne)

Airborne research has its own risks and rewards. This safety plan specifically addresses all aspects of airborne fieldwork. It is not rigid, and is reviewed each field season.

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Fieldwork Policy

Fieldwork is a difficult and enriching experience. In order to keep everyone safe and comfortable, we have developed and compiled this policy for PGG fieldwork. It is not rigid, and is reviewed each field season.

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Post-Fieldwork Survey

Inspired by exit interviews, this anonymous Post-Fieldwork Survey aims to improve fieldwork policy and quality of life for all who deploy to the field with PGG.

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Cold Weather Gear

Suggested resources to equip for cold weather fieldwork.


Software -- Quick Access:

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Software Download (Lamont)

LDEO IT provides campus-wide licenses and software. Download things like: Malwarebytes, MatLab, ArcGIS, Crashplan Code 42, etc.

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Software Download (Columbia)

CU-IT provides institutional licensing and free, or discounted, software downloads. Purchase and/or download things like: MatLab, Microsoft Office, Parallels, etc.

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ArcGIS Access

Download ArcGIS software and campus-wide license. Also access CIESIN online GIS training.

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Lamont FTP Server

Use the Lamont FTP Server to share large files internally and externally.

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VPN Access (Lamont)

Download the VPN client to use the Lamont VPN with your LDEO email login.

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VPN Access (Columbia)

Download the VPN client to use the Columbia University VPN with your UNI login.

Lamont Life

On Campus -- Quick Access:

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LDEO Cafeteria

Check out the daily menu, and order food online! Now takes Credit Cards!

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Lamont Shuttle Info

Shuttle schedule, bus tracking, and more!

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Parking on Campus

Temporary and long-term parking at Lamont

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Cycling To Campus

Tips and tricks for cycling between home and Lamont

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MGG Slack Channel

Join the Marine Geology & Geophysics Division Slack Channel

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LDEO Slack Channel

Join the Lamont Slack Channel

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The Earth Institute Slack

Join The Earth Institute Slack Channel

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Social Activities

Both PGG and Lamont have a plethora of social gatherings on campus

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Printing in Oceanography

Info about printers/copiers in Oceanography 106A
[Required: UNI Login]

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Plotter Access

Use the plotter in Seismology to print posters and other large images

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Locations of available showers on campus

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Oceanography can get cold during the winter. If you feel comfortable, ask any of your colleagues if they have a spare. Or ask Buildings and Grounds.

No, but the cafeteria makes incredible food for a great price. You can now order food online and pay with a credit card. If you need cash, an ATM is in the "back" of the cafeteria.

New York Life

New York City Life -- Quick Access:

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Morningside Haunts

A Lab Group curated map of great spots for coffee, food, or groceries within the immediate CU area of uptown Manhattan. For Columbia's curated list, click here.

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NYC Food & Drink

A Lab Group curated map of food, drinks, and dessert around NYC. Use it as a jumping off point, and then add spots when you find them!

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NYC Resident ID

All residents (regardless of immigration status) are eligible to apply for a NYC ID, which helps access some local benefits (i.e. free museum admission).

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Public Transportation

Helpful links and Apps for NYC transit. Now accepting Tap-to-Pay!

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Owning a Car in NYC

Tips and tricks to owning a car in
The Big Apple

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Discount Theater Tickets

TKTS Booths are great spots to snag Broadway and other theater tickets at a discounted price.

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New York Public Library

All New York residents (regardless of immigration status) may obtain a free library card to access free physical and digital resources, and more.

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NYC Culture Pass

All New York Public Library (NYPL) cardholders receive free admission to dozens of cultural institutions.

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General information about paying taxes in New York City and New York State

Pro. Development

Professional Development -- Quick Access:

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Linked-In Learning

Columbia University gives access to Linked-In Learning online courses.
(Formerly known as

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Mathworks Courses

Columbia University's academic license includes MatLab courses. Use your UNI email and create a free Mathworks account for access.

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Office for Postdoc Affairs

The Office for Postdoctoral Affairs has plenty of resources for postdocs

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Columbia Enterprise Learning Management

The Columbia ELM provides training required for your specific roles and responsibilities at the University.